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Modern stainless steel processing

Our projects and clients in many countries worldwide, Italy, Germany, Austria, Swizzerland, Malta, Irland, France, Africa, Belgium, Slovakia, Croatia, Letland, Ibiza, Greece...

Inox Design

was founded 2001 by the brothers Alex and Günther Taschler with its headquarters in Welsberg in South Tyrol Italy


With know-how and commitment, our dedicated employees at Inox Design ensure that our stainless steel products have a high processing quality.


Through our specialisation in the area of stainless steel processing, we were able to achieve a high level of recognition in the industry.

The foundation

of the forward-looking company

as an international manufacturing and trading enterprise began with a great idea in a small basement.


Twenty years ago, the success story of Inox Design began, evolving from the smallest beginnings into a modern, efficient, and international company. In January 2001, brothers Alexander and Günther Taschler founded their own company. Their first provisional workshop in their hometown of Toblach was an old cellar of 54 square meters. They secured and completed their initial orders. At that time, the paperwork was still done in their own childhood bedroom. However, it soon became nearly impossible to work in this building - it was far too small and had significant deficiencies.

Still, in the same year, they were already looking for a suitable building, as the order situation was steadily increasing and the space was insufficient. Eventually, they found a place in Welsberg. The rented building was somewhat larger but in a miserable condition: it lacked windows, doors, and even sanitary facilities. Out of necessity, the workshop was partitioned with nylon to somewhat counteract the winter temperatures. Important customer meetings took place in a nearby bar.

With a lot of energy, motivation, and drive, the two brothers stayed on track and began to realize larger projects and orders. The stainless steel industry was booming at that time, and they hired their first two employees. However, the rented hall did not meet the expectations and necessary safety regulations of a production site. Therefore, during this difficult initial phase, the brothers invested all their savings, which were not very generous to begin with.


In January 2002, they applied for their first building permit in Welsberg. By April of the same year, the land allocation had already taken place, and by the end of the year, the construction was completed. This marked the laying of the first cornerstone of their great success story – they began working and producing in this first operational hall from June 2003, and more successful years of development followed.

The machinery was expanded with a water jet cutting system - the first CNC machine in the company. This allowed for a continuous expansion of the order situation. Gradually, additional employees were hired. In the meantime, both brothers moved with their families to Welsberg. The foresight and openness of the two entrepreneurs continuously drove their ideas and dreams forward.


In 2007, a laser cutting system was acquired. With this addition, Inox Design became one of the few companies in South Tyrol to include such a system in their machinery. Continuous improvements and innovative developments enabled steady growth.


A year later, in 2008, connections were established with China. Accessory parts were purchased to enable faster and more cost-effective production. At the same time, the trade in small parts began, and the first product catalog was printed.


Due to the modernization of the machinery and optimization of the workflows, further expansion of the operational building became inevitable. The entrepreneurs acquired agricultural land adjacent to the existing building. In 2009, the second workshop was constructed.


For the unstoppable progress, expansion was necessary once again in 2015. The neighboring property and the adjacent hall were acquired as additional expansion space. There, the first tube laser system in South Tyrol found ample room. From that point on, developments proceeded rapidly.


In 2017, another extension was added to the existing workshop. In June 2018, an additional production site was established in Bolzano. In 2020, the company founders acquired another neighboring building.

The spatial and mechanical separation of the stainless steel production ensures a qualitatively flawless processing. Above the new hall, a showroom could be set up, allowing potential clients to be optimally advised and informed.


The acquisition of a CNC-controlled sheet metal bending machine significantly improved the repeatability of curved sheet metal parts, and also ensured the fastest possible processing of orders.


Inox Design purchased another CNC-controlled sheet metal rolling machine for tighter radii.


Purchase of a new laser cutting machine. We can now count two CO2 sheet lasers, and a new fiber laser in our machinery. This enables us to cut parts more cost-effectively and quickly for our customers. Also, a new bending machine is acquired to produce even more precise sheet metal bending parts for our customers. We are also starting the development of an online store.


In 2023, work began on the extension of a workshop hall. Completion of the work for the online shop. Our customers can now order all the small items from the catalog through the webshop. This will make us even more transparent to our customers and enable us to provide them with even better service. Also, this way we can guarantee the fastest possible processing of orders.


Completion of the work on the production workshop. Inox Design now encompasses a total of 5,500 square meters of production space and 10,000 square meters of land area. We distinguish ourselves with a state-of-the-art machinery park, short decision-making processes, and great flexibility. With expertise and commitment, our team of 40 employees ensures high processing quality of our products. The high quality of our work is one of the foundations of our successful business operations.


Thanks to these highly qualified employees, day after day we are able to convince architects, individuals as well as public customers about the quality of our services and on-time work. Get to know us and see for yourself.

Um den Ansprüchen unserer Kunden national wie international gerecht zu werden, praktizieren wir ein durchgängiges: Qualitätsmanagementsystem nach ISO 9001; Arbeitssicherheitsmanagementsystem nach OHSAS 18001; SOA OS6 und EN1090-1 für tragende Stahlstrukturen.