Inox Design

Modern stainless steel processing

Our projects and clients in many countries worldwide, Italy, Germany, Austria, Swizzerland, Malta, Irland, France, Africa, Belgium, Slovakia, Croatia, Letland, Ibiza, Greece...

Inox Design

was founded 2001 by the brothers Alex and Günther Taschler with its headquarters in Welsberg in South Tyrol Italy


With know-how and commitment, our dedicated employees at Inox Design ensure that our stainless steel products have a high processing quality.


Through our specialisation in the area of stainless steel processing, we were able to achieve a high level of recognition in the industry.

Thanks to these highly qualified employees, day after day we are able to convince architects, individuals as well as public customers about the quality of our services and on-time work. Get to know us and see for yourself.

Um den Ansprüchen unserer Kunden national wie international gerecht zu werden, praktizieren wir ein durchgängiges: Qualitätsmanagementsystem nach ISO 9001; Arbeitssicherheitsmanagementsystem nach OHSAS 18001; SOA OS6 und EN1090-1 für tragende Stahlstrukturen.